Everyone wants to win. No one wants to be left behind, yet, we do not do what we need to to get to where we want to be. One thing we miss is how important it is to think like a winner. What are your goals and objectives? Do you […]

Winning Like A Boss

   Work without happiness is like a burden that you have to endure, but when you are internally happy it becomes a game, and you’re just having fun. Own Your Domain


This Video from Patrick Bet-David really shows what Entrepreneurs really go through.

What Most Don’t See

As entrepreneurs, we have to find ways to keep ourselves motivated. It’s true that you take on the traits of those you associate with;  as successful as they are because birds of a feather flock together. If you want to be successful and stay motivated you most be sure to […]

Surround Yourself With People You Want To Emulate

Here are some articles you might find useful: 3 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Entrepreneurship A Rigid Mind Blocks Success. Try These 5 Strategies for Fearless Leadership The 3 Functions You Should Consider Outsourcing When to Make Your Startup a Full-Time Commitment Old-School Travel Agents Stage Comeback Getting Paid To Travel? […]

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It Could Be You Next

  Here is a free system for you! Thank me later. Sometimes…It’s the Simplest Things thatMake the Most Money!Find Out More 

Explode Your Business

I found this article and thought it interesting so I will share it here: At the most basic level, a leader is someone who leads other. But what makes someone a leader? What is it about being a leader that some people understand and use to their advantage? What can […]

What Is A Leader By F. John Reh

One of the biggest industries is Travel, 8$ Billion a year. Do you love travel, do you enjoy exploring new places?  What if you could make money for travel? We call this taking Paycations. You don’t need any special training we offer all the training you need.  Watch the video […]

Consider The Travel Industry

LegalShield is one of the first companies in the United States to offer affordable legal plans to consumers and businesses It was founded as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.in Ada, Oklahoma by Harland C. Stonecipher as a result of an automobile accident. Although Stonecipher was not at fault, his legal bills […]

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