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Surround Yourself With People You Want To Emulate

As entrepreneurs, we have to find ways to keep ourselves motivated. It’s true that you take on the traits of those you associate with;  as successful as they are because birds of a feather flock together. If you want to be successful and stay motivated you most be sure to connect with that type of people you want to be. For instance, if you want to be the best real estate agent, find the most successful agent you can and network with them. It calls for a little time and research, but you can do it. Of course there are those folks who cross our path organically, these are my favorites.

These folks get it, they live their lives out loud. Their always reaching out to help others. They usually have a story and their story is always inspiring. I have been fortunate to have a few of them in my circles. They are sent by God at exactly the right time and always, always leave  in you a better place than before the entered your realm.  They are usually dynamic and shine as bright as any star. They never try t sell you, they just share their knowledge and just by a conversation with them you feel re-enforced,re- energized. Sometimes, they just ask “What can I do for you?”  I live to meet these people.   I pray that I am one of them.

I was talking with my daughters, and one of them  mentioned a comment an associate of hers had made about me. It was such a great feeling to know someone admired what I do and what I stand for. I learned long ago to not bombard folks with all the information about myself. I enjoy getting to know about them and then offering a collaborative idea t help the both of us. This is the first step to becoming successful; help as many as you can because in essence, you are helping yourself.

So, improve your skill set, think as successful people do, let others share their story, help as much as you can, share your own story, watch the company you keep and stay on your path. Most importantly, stay positive.

Selling Is Telling

 I love to watch people. I often play a game with myself trying to guess their occupation based on their appearance, mannerisms and personality. Then, I strike up a conversation with them and ask what they do for a living. I am usually wrong, but the fun is in the playing of the game, not in being correct.

Occasionally I will meet someone that is shy and hard to strike up a conversation with. I then take it as a personal challenge to get them to open up. I lead the conversation in different directions trying to discover their hot-button. It’s like fishing. I keep casting questions until I get a bite.

I ask them about their job, family and hobbies until I hit their passion. And when I hit it, I know immediately. The tongue-tied social caterpillar transforms into social butterfly and begins talking like a politician in re-election year.

This always reinforces my belief that we all are salesmen. We all have an area in our lives where we are the experts. This area is one that we are knowledgeable and passionate enough about that we share it confidently with others.

Have you ever been cornered by a grandparent with pictures of their grandbaby? I rest my case.

There really is no such thing as a “natural born salesman.” We are all salesmen, because we all have a story to tell. Nobody can tell your story better than you, so tell it. If it is genuine, people will know it. They will be drawn to it and the opportunity that is being shared with them. The truth is always the best bait!

Are you that introvert that is uncomfortable trying to be a salesperson? Then quit trying. Simply tell others what initially excited you about Level 9. Like fishing, you won’t catch one on every cast, so keep casting. But you will eventually catch your share if you are using the right bait.

Your sincerity and passion are the best bait, not salesmanship.

Selling is telling.

This is re-posted but we do not know who the original poster was.We post it here to give you some insight into promoting your business to others.